About Capture

Capture is a blockchain-driven provenance infrastructure that authenticates and tracks digital assets, offering a solution for brands, creators, and companies. By providing a tamper-proof history of digital content, Capture not only ensures authenticity but also opens avenues for monetization through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and protects against copyright infringement. It's a pivotal tool in fostering a transparent and secure digital ecosystem, setting the stage for innovative applications in personalized AI and the broader digital landscape.
Unlike photos uploaded to Instagram or other social media platforms, Capture frees the data from centralized servers and brings control and ownership back to users. This opens a new way for 3rd-party services to provide digital asset services and help users better use their digital assets, or even monetize these digital assets.

Define "Captures"

In the Capture system, we also call digital assets "Captures" because they have special properties which make them special and different from regular digital files.
Demostration of multi-layer Capture files
Captures are files with the following properties:
  • Web3 registration
  • AssetTree file on IPFS which provides the basic information such as creators, creation time and location, etc.
  • On-chain historical logs
  • [Optional] NFT which can be acquired as the license of the digital files
  • [Optional] The Coalition for Content Provenance (C2PA) as the off-chain integrity proofs
After digital media files are turned into Captures, a suite of tools called Network Actions are available to these Captures. This allows the creators and owners of the Capture files to leverage the broader ecosystem of Capture and its parent network, Numbers Protocol.
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