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Feature List

Capture Cam contains innovative and practical features including but not limited to:
  • Taking photo or video and register provenance on blockchain
  • Uploading local photo or video and register provenance on blockchain (without Capture Badge)
  • Camera functionalities (focus tap, zoom in/out, flash, flip, HD toggle)
  • Camera editor (crop, b/w filter)
  • Store assets on web3 storage
  • View and share assets by Asset Profile
  • Publish and unpublish assets
  • Capture Badge to certify assets created by Capture Cam
Capture Account and Wallet
  • Dual wallet system consisting of Asset Wallet and Integrity Wallet
  • Capture Token for accessing Capture APIs
  • Deposit and withdraw NUM
  • Buy Capture Credits
  • Swap link for swapping NUM/ETH directly
  • Export Integrity Wallet
  • Friend invitation link
  • Mint NFT on multiple blockchains (mainnet, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Hedera)
  • Show NFTs on OpenSea and NFTrade
  • Show NFTs in Numberverse
Explorer Page
  • Show products with details
  • Collect products with simple clicks
  • Support crypto and MoonPay payments
  • Follow and unfollow friends
  • Email notifications
  • Push notifications
  • In-App pop-up messages
  • Network Actions activities
Data Privacy
  • Integrity toggle: enable/disable collecting device information
  • Integrity toggle: enable/disable collecting location information
  • Save photo or video to local storage
  • App Data Policy and Terms of Use verified by the Android and iOS Stores
  • Delete Capture Account
  • Support multiple languages
  • In-App FAQs
  • Onboarding guide
Network Actions
  • A framework that allows third-party services to opt-in to the Capture ecosystem