AI Watermark & Dataset

What does "Allow AI training" mean?

"Allow AI training" means that you are giving permission for your asset to be used in machine learning and artificial intelligence training processes. This can involve using the asset as part of datasets that train AI models to recognize patterns, improve algorithms, and enhance AI capabilities. If you enable this option, your asset can be included in various AI training programs, which may include commercial applications, depending on the specific terms set by the platform or service using your data.

Can the license be private but also allow AI training at the same time?

Yes, the license field is designed to reflect the inputs of the user. For example, a β€œPrivate” license with allowed AI Training can occur if a user wants to train their model with the intention of generating images for personal use with no plans for commercialization or distribution. While this scenario may not make sense for someone aiming to monetize, Capture Dashboard provides users with the flexibility to define their own license and AI training privileges.

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