Capture Assets

Can I remove an asset from my account?

If you would like to remove the media (assets) from your account, you may go to the asset page, click on the edit icon on the top right corner, and click โ€œRemoveโ€. This asset will be removed from your account. If you have minted your asset as a NFT, you can also go the asset page, click the edit icon on the top right corner, and click โ€œUnpublishโ€to unlist your NFT from marketplace.

How is the asset uploaded via the Capture stored?

In Capture, assets are stored on IPFS by default and can be accessed via public gateways. Numbers Protocol also hosts and maintains a gateway which can be accessed via . Additionally, Filecoin storage is available as a secondary option under network actions.

How do I share assets to social media from Capture Cam?

To share content directly from Capture Cam to other social platforms, visit the detail page of any asset, click the "share" icon at the top right corner, and choose "Share Blockchain Proof". This should facilitate sharing on the desired platform.

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