What is Capture?

Capture is the World’s First decentralized Web3 Camera app and the primary creation tool of the Numbers Protocol Decentralized Asset Network. Allowing creators and users to easily create and share Web3.0 digital media. Capture features in-app NFT minting and makes assets traceable and verifiable.

Capture exists in a digital media space littered with violations and inactions, and challenges these previously accepted realities by equipping everyday users with the means of easily securing their own creations.

Capture Cam is live on Android and iOS.

Why Capture is different from other tools?

Media created with Capture Cam or uploaded via Capture Dashboard and API has its ownership and context preserved. Unlike regular photos, which are just raw images with no information, photos uploaded via Capture toolkits are digital information containers that are multi-layered and contain NFT ownership and context. Every photo created in the Capture system has its own unique associated certificate of authenticity made immutable and verifiable by the blockchain. The information remains with the photo making it traceable even as it is shared, downloaded, and misused.

Capture was created in response to the growing provenance crisis and the ongoing plight photo creators experience when it comes to licensing their work. We see Capture as the next-generation application for establishing value and authenticity in the ever evolving digital asset landscape.

Do you have APIs that third-party apps can use?

Yes, Capture SDK enable enterprises or small studios to implement Capture Service into their products seamlessly. These APIs support registering content on the blockchain, downloading C2PA versions, minting NFTs on various blockchains, and performing reverse image searches.

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