Metadata & C2PA

How do I edit the metadata of an asset once it is added to the Numbers blockchain?

The current version of Capture Dashboard allows users to edit the Headline and Caption. You can do this by navigating to the assets folder, clicking on the β€œ...” icon to the right of the filename, and selecting β€œEdit Asset”. You can modify the Headline and Caption fields, and confirming these changes will create a new commit to reflect the adjustments. This process will consume some credits.

For API users, you may use Commit to update the metadata.

Can download C2PA injection of certain asset files?

Both Capture Cam and Capture Dashboard allow users to download C2PA injection assets that are supported in Numbers C2PA API . Please check here for the supported file.

Can the C2PA injection in downloaded assets be removed?

Unfortunately, yes. The C2PA injection in your downloaded file can be removed by other tools. However, with the support of the AI system in the Numbers Verify Engine and blockchain technology, provenance can be restored even if C2PA is removed. The on-chain provenance registered on the Numbers mainnet remains intact. You can still search for the asset on the Numbers Verify Engine using the NID or the image itself to achieve robust and reliable on-chain provenance.

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