Public Access

When the public_access of an asset is set to true, it indicates that the asset is publicly accessible. Once marked as public, the file becomes pinned to Numbers IPFS. This enables anyone to access the file using the Nid (CID), and the file can be shared through other IPFS nodes, leveraging the decentralized features of IPFS. When an asset mints an NFT, the public_access is automatically set to true.

Conversely, when the public_access of an asset is set to false, it will not be pinned in Numbers IPFS. If its previous value was true, it will be unpinned from Numbers IPFS. The file will be removed from Numbers IPFS when the garbage collection is triggered. In cases where an asset has already minted an NFT, the value cannot be set to false.

The default value for public_access is true. It can be configured through the API by creating an asset (using POST /assets/) and updating an asset (using PATCH /assets/{cid}/).

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