🌐Network Actions

As a Web 3.0 photo network, Capture aims to become the central hub for managing the authenticity, liquidity and monetization of Web3 assets and providing an enhanced photo experience for users. With Capture, users can take a photo using the Capture Cam and then share it seamlessly across various platforms and applications in the Capture ecosystem, eliminating the need to upload the same photo multiple times to different platforms.

By registering your Web 3.0 assets, such as images and videos, on the Capture network, you can ensure that these assets are traceable and can be trusted by the Capture ecosystem. This allows other apps within the ecosystem to provide services for your assets. Additionally, by registering your assets on Capture, you retain ownership of them and have the freedom to use them within the Capture ecosystem as you see fit.

Network Actions

The Network Action system is a framework that allows third-party services to opt-in to the Capture ecosystem. It allows users to access these services directly from the Capture Cam, streamlining the experience and providing a convenient way for users to access a wide range of services.

With the Network Action system, developers can easily integrate their services into the Capture ecosystem, providing a new way for users to access and interact with their service. Users can pay NUM or Capture Credits to use these services for their photo assets. The types of services on the Capture network include:

  • General services: Send your Capture as a gift to friends or use it for creating merch.

  • NFT services: Mint your Capture as NFT on different blockchains.

  • Metaverse services: Share your Capture as UGC to various metaverse.

  • Professional services: Services that are provided by our business partners.

  • Other: More ecosystem services will join in the coming future.


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