Query Network-Action Orders

Ideal For

Capture ecosystem partners who provide photo services for Capture users. More introduction to network actions can be found on the Network Actions page.

Service Requirements

  • Has API or SDK so that your service can be packaged as a network action.

User flow

  • The user selects a photo in the Capture Cam.

  • The user clicks the three-dot icon on the upper-right and chooses "Network Action", a list of available actions will show.

  • The user chooses an action, enters parameters and presses confirm.

  • Actions may contain on-chain transactions(mint NFT, transfer assets) or redirect to an external website(*) for further actions.

  • History of network-action orders actions can be found in the history tab of Capture Cam you specify.

Query Order

For the service provider, you will receive the order ID and Numbers ID (Nid) in the URL parameters to the destination site you specify such as {YOU_SITE_URL}?nid={Nid}&order_id={order_id}.

Before you implement the query order API, you need to request API Key from the Capture team. The order information can be retrieved via the following examples:


curl --request GET 'https://node.numbersprotocol.io/api/1.1/wf/queryOrder?order_id=${order_id}' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer ${YOUR_API_KEY}'

Here is the sample response:

    "status": "success",
    "response": {
        "nid": "bafybeievahpgtr3wzoquvtwvcrjcw5pdo53dxjqrxym2hxrwep736rwuka",
        "blockchain": "polygon",
        "payment_token": "NUM",
        "cost": 2,
        "gas": 0,
        "network_app_id": "4dd458d0-453c-4916-83b2-81801af395b3",
        "network_app_name": "Mint Polygon NFT",
        "order_id": "59210ee0-1a4e-451c-b048-c493d9e001ff",
        "result_url": "https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xb7ccc262d322D1dC1c64CBB56A6827589b4bC874/317",
        "status": "completed"

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