Export NFT

All NFTs purchased via Capture services are minted on Numbers Mainnet and safely stored in the wallets bonded to your Capture accounts. If you want to export the NFTs to other wallets, please follow the API here.
Once the NFT is exported, it is removed from your Capture account completely. You won't be able to see it or enjoy any services in the Capture system.

Check the exported NFT in your Metamask wallet

  • Make sure you have imported the wallet to your Metamask App. Please note that only the Metamask App can display the NFTs. If you are using the desktop version of Metamask, the NFT may not be able to show correctly.
  • Select Numbers Mainner as the major network.
  • Input your NFT information, including the contract address and token ID. You may review the NFT Smart Contracts for the contract address of the NFT, and see the token ID from the response of the export API.
  • Once the information is input correctly, press "Import NFTs" and you should be able to check your Capture NFT in the Metamask.