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This page shows the information of NFT smart contracts used in the Capture services, including Capture Cam and Network Actions.

CaptureClubNft (upgradeable)

CaptureClubNft is the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) implementation for Capture and is upgradeable. The metadata associated with each token can include information such as name, description and image of the asset follows the specification defined for the Numbers network.

Deployed Contracts

$ truffle networks

Network: mainnet (id: 1)
  CaptureClubNft: 0xB90C5B95D7C29d1448ec079DFFeDC5905FB77711

Network: rinkeby (id: 4)
  CaptureClubNft: 0xe42e09496cEA690263CA315b1Ef7c31375f0D00E
  CaptureClubNftMeiMei: 0xe42e09496cEA690263CA315b1Ef7c31375f0D00E
  Migrations: 0xe3E9617E8b56A4e45714a6Abf297CC258B2f6273





$ truffle console --network mainnet
truffle(mainnet) > nft = await CaptureClubNft.deployed()
truffle(mainnet) > nft.address
truffle(mainnet) > minter = await nft.MINTER_ROLE()
truffle(mainnet) > nft.getRoleMember(minter, 0)

Child-Parent relationship

Child NFTs are a type of NFT that are created based on an existing asset, which is referred to as the parent asset. Child NFTs inherit certain attributes from their parent, such as the image, creator, and marketplace information. However, the asset Nid of the child NFT is different and is based on the parent asset creator's integrity wallet signature to create differentiation from the parent asset. The Nid of the child NFT is not directly associated with the asset content and only acts as an unique identifier. When creating Nit commit or reading history for child NFTs, the Nid of parent asset should be used instead of the Nid of the child NFTs. Child NFTs may be created from an asset-clone product or as part of a series of NFTs that are sold together as a collection.

To trace the parent asset of a child NFT, one can use the parent_token, parent_contract_address, and parent_network fields in the metadata of the child NFT. The parent asset and its associated NFT token can be found by searching for the token ID within the parent's blockchain network using the parent's contract address.

Testing Data

ERC-721 Metadata CIDs

  • Cicada: bafybeigidnr7t2nbonsw5l5c6bxmjtl476auahmt3u4ydoctiyarbsqlze

  • MeiMei fried chicken: bafybeiaq27nzo4w2icuuikq6yuv2v4nmgtkxbv2hpyqteidrohboyyc56y

  • MeiMei petdream (video): bafybeigznnwdblg47eqgp3hisj2yoe4yvuwne4cj5xzomydwy2wwxpkurq

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